A hydrotherm massage makes a good choice for anyone who can’t lie on their front, perhaps because of mobility problems or disabilities, or because of pregnancy. Indeed, hydrotherm massage is good for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable lying face-down on a massage couch.
Hydrotherm massage could also be an option for you if you feel self-conscious turning over on a therapy couch mid-treatment.
The placement of the warm-water pads is designed to give your back perfect spinal alignment; your knees are slightly raised and your hands rest below the pads to encourage your body to relax.

Thanks to the heat from the pads (30-40 degrees), a hydrotherm massage can be beneficial if you suffer from neck pain, lower-back aches or stiff muscles. The heat helps warm your muscles up, which makes the therapist’s movements more effective.
Oh, and don’t worry – you won’t get wet; the water in the pads is thoroughly sealed in.
At the end of the treatment, your therapist will help you into a seated position so that you can swing your legs off the couch and get your feet onto the floor.
Hydrotherm can be a very soothing and deeply therapeutic form of massage. If you let yourself relax into the experience, you may find that you initially feel as though you are lying on the water, but end up feeling as though you have been lying in the water.


Safe, effective and nurturing massage for those with cancer.

Experience the healing and restorative power of massage even during treatment.

Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea massage has been especially designed to help reduce stress and anxiety. Anyone who has been told they have a cancer will have experienced a substantial emotional shock which is likely to be followed by uncomfortable and even painful treatments, for those who experienced regular massage as part of their wellbeing had to be then told by their therapist that they are now unable to treat you any more or that you will have to wait 5 clear years to receive massage again must just add to a terrible time.

Industry pioneers John Holman, Kerry Prentice and Julie Speed decided to take a structured and scientific approach to changing the poorly understood science and to seek both peer review and then endorsement of their approach to massage. The tranquil Sea massage was born! Safe effective and nurturing massage for those with cancer at any stage of treatment. Tranquil Sea massage uses the Hydrotherm 3 dimensional massage cushions where you lie upon cushions of warm water to receive your treatment, the effect is almost instant as warm water supports and cocoons the body into relaxation. Touch brings solace and relief from aches, pains and discomfort and allows the body to begin the process of healing and restoration.

Hydrotherm is pretty simple. It consists of two cushions, filled with warm water and heated to about 38°C.
All that you need to do is turn up, lie down and relax. You won’t even need to turn over!
By default, the Hydrotherm system looks after you in a number of ways:
It keeps their muscles warm and supple, avoiding injuries and feeling great.
The treatment flows beautifully from top to toe, you will feel spoilt! It keeps the spine supported and in perfect alignment. It doesn’t use face holes, so you will never emerge feeling uncomfortable or with a compressed face and sinuses. Lying on the front can be uncomfortable and problematic for those with mobility issues, but with Hydrotherm this is no longer an issue.